Tips to take care of newborn

Connect with your baby from his first bath

The newborn’s first bath is a wonderful experience, as it is a unique moment for you and your baby to connect. Here are some tips for bathing your baby:

  • Take your baby with your right arm, and pass it behind his head to his buttocks.
  • With your left hand, place water on his head and gently massage his body with a small amount of liquid soap. Rinse the foam with water, being very careful with his eyes.
  • Support his shoulders with your left arm and dip him into the tub leaving his head out.
  • When you’re done, dry him very well and dress it from top to bottom to keep him warm.
  • Don’t forget speaking and smiling at your baby while you’re bathing him! The bath is very relaxing for your baby as all his senses are engaged during this special time, and it will allow him to rest very well.
  • We recommend our “Sensitive”products line for newborns by Para Mi Bebé, specially formulated to be soft and delicate with the skin and hair of your newborn and in his first stage.
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