Tips to take care of baby

Take care of your baby’s skin with these practical tips

Your baby’s skin is very sensitive and delicate, since it is more sensitive and permeable than our as adults. To keep it healthy, special care is required, so below we share with you some tips that will be very useful when taking care of your baby’s skin:

  • Moisturize your baby’s skin once a day with creams that have natural extracts. Not only will you keep him healthy and hydrated, but you will also provide your baby with a pleasant and relaxing moment by massaging his entire body.
  • At bath time, it is important to use special soaps to care for his skin by identifying those with a mild and hypoallergenic formula. Afterwards, dry him very well, especially in the areas that require more attention such as: the folds that form on the calves, neck and diaper area.
  • We recommend your baby clothing to be soft, cozy, and made from natural fabrics. Avoid using synthetic fibers or wool, as they can cause itching or irritation to your baby. Make sure to cut the clothing labels in an appropriate way to avoid scratches or snags.
  • We recommend the Childys by Para Mi Bebé creams, enriched with natural extracts that care for and provide longer-lasting hydration to your baby’s skin, leaving him soft and with a pleasant aroma.
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